Our Music

Our music at Tradition Worship Center includes a variety of live contemporary popular music along with original worship music.

Tradition Worship Center offers a place for people and families to belong, fit in, make new friends and find an authentic sense of community.

Everyone is invited, welcomed, accepted and valued here. Tradition Worship Center is connecting our modern community with the traditional message of Christ. A big part of that connect is in the music.

As we work on connecting our modern community to the traditional message of Christ, we also strive to connect that community through the worship experience including the music. 

With original music that is written, produced and performed live by our music team here at Tradition Worship Center, our goal is to create a liberating and great worship environment that helps people to be able to connect with God as they feel his presence.

This connection allows the believer to hear divine revelation from God and feel the power of God as they experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. We write, produce and perform intimate songs of encouragement along with popular songs and hymns to help everyone feel comfortable, welcome and appreciated.

In the music and the experience of the music at Tradition Worship Center, we want people to feel their every day cares fall away as they lift their hands and experience God in a new way.

The power of music mixed with the Power of God can create an experience that is healing as it is centering. Even if you are new to our Church or new to church as a whole, as you listen to the message, take in the music and the experience of how the connection of God can be as strong in the worship music as it is in the sermon.