Connecting with our Team

Pastors Gerard and Donnelyn Khourie lead the team at Christ Family Church at Tradition by setting a high criteria for following God first for themselves and then to help others. All the pastors of Christ Family Church at Tradition are dedicated leaders that are compelled by God to teach and impact the lives of others. Each of the pastors have been ordained and are committed to serve others.

Donneyln Khourie
Donneyln KhouriePastor
Donnelyn Khourie is the Co-founder of Christ Family Church at Tradition. She also serves as the President and Founder of the Saint James Christian Academy, a college preparatory private school and a S.T.E.A.M certified Pre-school.
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Gerard Khourie
Gerard KhourieSenior Pastor

Her husband, Dr. Gerard Khourie is the Senior Pastor and president of Christ Family Church at Tradition Florida. He shares a warm personality, in depth studies of The Bible and humor to connect a modern community with the traditional message of Christ.

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We welcome each person and want everyone to feel welcomed, accepted and connected here at Christ Family Church at Tradition. When it comes to connecting with our team at Christ Family Church at Tradition, we want everyone to know there are many opportunities to meet up with us during the week. From contemporary services to children and youth ministries to small group studies, we are here for the community, well beyond just Sundays.

We have a Wednesday night service and a Sunday morning service. Christ Family Church at Tradition also hosts special events and different series at the Tradition Town Hall including:
Connecting our Modern Community Speaker Series
Connecting our Local Businesses
Networking and Roundtable events
Music Clinics
Performances and shows


Whether you are connecting with our team for our services related to the church or if you are looking to book Tradition Town Hall for an event, our offices are open daily from 8:00am-4:00pm to speak with someone or for any questions.