Connecting with us at Tradition Worship Center

For starters, at Tradition Worship Center we hope you will be connecting with us for our services. From the connection with our car park volunteers as well as the greeters who meet every person at the front door, we want you to feel a warm and welcoming connection. We strive for that welcome home feeling, even if it’s your first visit.

Inside, we always have someone at our concierge desk that is there to answer any questions and ushers to help you find a seat or assist you with anything else you might need.

We believe these type of simple connections allow for deeper connections to our small groups, our ministries or whatever program each individual might like to be involved in.

There are so many other ways to connect as well. You can connect with us on social media and watch our videos (like this one), listen to our audios, look at our pictures or read our blogs and posts. We strive to share engaging and informative pieces that will draw in those that have been connected to us for the longest time as well as those just meeting us for the first time.

We also offer a live streaming service if you are not able to attend services in person.

Email or call us too. If you need information about services, our team, or our groups, reach out to us. We also invite you to connect to join our teams and play a role if you desire to as well.

At Tradition Worship Center we strive to keep a safe, welcoming and friendly environment for all. A wonderful sense of community comes from connecting our modern community with the traditional message of Christ as well as connecting our community with each other.

For more information or connecting with us is something you want to do, here is our information below…

• Tradition Worship Center
• 10799 SW Civic Lane
• Port Saint Lucie FL 34986
• Tel: 772.466.2000